OCTOBER 7th- 29th, 2022

FIRST FRIDAY: Marko Fields & Kathleen Shanahan

Join us for First Friday, October 7th from 5:00pm - 9:00pm! --- Exhibitions Featured: "More Confessions of an Old Smarty Pants and Other Stories" by Marko Fields & "Sentimental Journeys and Haunted Reveries" by Kathleen Shanahan --- This exhibition will be feature intricate ceramics works with themes of humor, irreverence, animation and anthropomorphism by Marko Fields. Featured in the same showroom, will be mixed media artworks that focus on flux, life cycle and nature, as well as the creative impulse by Kathleen Shanahan. --- “My images are hybrids – pastiched images which hint at a narrative. I use disparate elements, drawn from a variety of sources: familiar and foreign, old and new, ceremonial and utilitarian, etc. Media-wise, I work usually...

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