Sept. 3 - 25

Rebecca HOYER | Labyrinth: Drawing a Meditative Line

FIRST First Friday, September 3rd | 5:00 - 9:00   This First Friday at RSG, we will be opening a new solo exhibition titled "Labyrinth: Drawing a Meditative Line". This exhibition will highlight artist Rebecca Hoyer, who lives and paints in Wichita, Kansas and will be featuring over 30 original artworks created by her. We are excited to display this collection of oil paintings and watercolors! We hope you will join us for our reception on: . . . September 3rd, 2021 from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm . . . . "I paint houses and trees because they are adversaries. I am telling the story of how these two forces live together. Houses want permanence. They are a pile...

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NOVEMBER 5th - 27th, 2021

Fall Color Field

An RSG Group Show

This First Friday at RSG we will be opening our new exhibition titled "Fall Color Field". This show will consist of a selection of new, never before seen works by local and regional artists. We are excited to showcase such a wide variety of new pieces, and we hope you will join us for our reception from 5:30 - 9:00!

Featuring work by:

Aaron Jackson Bowman
Aaron Morgan Brown
Barbara Waterman Peters
Beverly Dodge Radefeld
Bill Goffrier
Bob Schwan
Brian Hinkle
Cally Krallman
Chiyoko Myose
David Olson
David Vollbracht
James Borger
James Oliver
Jim Simpson
Larry Peters
Mary Binford Miller
Rob Compton
Tom Gormally

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DECEMBER 3rd - 30th, 2021

Spatial Limits

An RSG Group Show

Featuring artwork by: Bob Burdette, Dallas Dodge, Jonathan Fitz, Kyle Johns, Randy Regier, and Larry Schwarm! This exhibition highlights the parallels of exploration between five different artists. The artwork on display primarily focuses on nostalgic experiences, space adventure, vintage-inspired toys and the way society intertwines these concepts today. The artists are asking their viewers to engage with the artwork and explore what is beyond the object itself. It is an invitation to acknowledge that we all currently approach these new but familiar objects in a different way than we once did in childhood. We hope you will join us for our reception from 5:30 - 9:00! December First Friday - "Spatial Limits" Exhibition runs Dec. 3rd through Dec. 30th

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JANUARY 7th - 29th, 2022

5 Point Perspective

An RSG Group Show

For our annual staff curated exhibition, each person chose five pieces of art from the gallery based on five categories: -Contemporary -Traditional -Printmaking -Estate -Sculpture The artwork featured ranges in medium, style, and era! We hope this offers not only an insight into each of us, but also each of the artists featured in this exhibition. We hope you can join on First Friday, January 7th for the opening reception from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. "5 Point Perspective" will be on display until Saturday, January 28th.

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FEBRUARY 4th - 26th, 2022

Bruce & Trish VanOsdel: Couple’s Exhibition

Couple's Exhibition

Join us this First Friday for Bruce and Trish Vanosdel: Couple's Exhibition! This exhibition will feature Trish's life-size steel wool sculptures, along with Bruce's colorful, textured ceramic vessels. We hope you will join us for our reception from 5:30 - 8:00pm! February First Friday - "Bruce and Trish VanOsdel: Couple's Exhibition" runs Feb. 4th through Feb 26th.

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MARCH 4th - 26th, 2022

Lawrence Collective

An RSG Group Show

Join us for the opening of...
"Lawrence Collective"

Exhibition opens Friday, March 4th 2022, from 5:30pm - 9pm

This exhibition highlights the parallels of six different artists from Lawrence, Kansas.
• Ben Ahlvers
• Norman Akers
• Susan Grace
• Mary Anne Jordan
• Michael McCaffery
• & Gina Westergard

The artwork on display will represent a range of mediums, from large scale oil paintings to textiles to ceramics and more!
The show focuses on cultural survival, domesticity in everyday life, the mystery of death, and the way society is continually evolving by exploring the possibilities for metamorphosis.

"Lawrence Collective" | Exhibition runs March 4th through March 26th, 2022

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APRIL 1st - 30th, 2022


MFA Thesis Exhibiton by Tim Stone

Join us for the opening of...

"Keyword:" MFA Thesis Exhibition by Tim Stone.

Exhibition opens Friday, April 1st 2022, from 5:30pm - 9pm

The artwork on display will be large scale mixed media paintings that explore the current hybrid relationship between our physical and digital spaces!

"I replicate, imitate, and steal digital languages to express how confusing and lost it can be to operate in a world that is both super connected and isolating, mediated through a screen. The algorithmic ways of processing information through coding and keywords seems rather abstract to me, even unintentional or misunderstood.

My work sutures digital efficiency and painterly inefficiency through physical marks and colors that are rambunctious, fiery, and ambiguous in their affect. There is tension between the ordinary and the superlative, and between what is natural and artificial. I examine how bemusedly liminal our physical and digital spaces have become." - Tim Stone

"Keyword:" | Exhibition runs April 1st through April 30th, 2022

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