Artist Categories: Contemporary Kansas & Regional Artists

Dave  Yust

David E. Yust was born April 3rd, 1939 in Wichita, Kansas. He studied with Birger Sandzén in 1951, he later studied at Wichita State University from 1957-59. Yust Earned his BFA in 1963 from the University of Kansas and his MFA in 1969 from the University of Oregon.

Yust taught art for 47 years at Colorado State University — mainly drawing and painting. He is now a professor emeritus and is retired from teaching but not from art. He is known for his circular-shaped canvases.

“Since the early 1960’s my artworks have been about exploring and trying to resolve the dichotomy of combining geometric and biomorphic/organic imagery. I am still fascinated by the inexhaustible challenges of abstraction. And, I remain convinced that the imagery coming from inside my head is significantly more absorbing and inspiring and just as much a part of the ‘real world’ than non-abstract…”