Charles M Chili Capps

(1898-1981)     Charter member of the Prairie Print Makers and one of the most active serving as president for 23 years and creating two of the gift prints.  Known for his prized aquatints.

Mexican Barber Shop

Mountain Mission - SOLD

Be it ever so humble

Waiting for Summer

Thirteen Trees

Moonlit Mills - SOLD

Cottonwood River Bridge


Santa Cantarina

"Cottonwood" Davis' Legacy

Sierra Madre


Still Street

Two Gates-Monterrey


The Old Lucas Place

Palms SOLD

Surf - SOLD

Cottonwood River Bridge

Mission Accomplished - SOLD

In the Flint Hills - please inquire

Untitled (Hawaiian Huts)

Untitled (Hawaiian Mountain) - SOLD

To Sacred Falls - SOLD


Mexican Barbershop - SOLD

Low Water - SOLD

High Note