Brian Hinkle

Brian Hinkle received his M.F.A. in painting from Wichita State University. Brian has served as Gallery director at The Wichita Center for the Arts, and he now teaches painting, drawing, and enameling at the center.  Over the years, Brian has worked in a number of stylistic genres.  His most recent return to painting the landscape, particularly that of Kansas, is a move towards developing a full-time career as a working studio artist.

Objects on a Table

Still Life Objects

Guitar and Oranges


French Press, Bowl of Grapes


Guitar and Chair

The Orchid

View from the Dining Room

Sunset Over East Kellogg

Golden Tree Line

Sunset over Century II

Untitled (Wine Glass, Lower Right)

Untitled (Wine Glass, Upper Left)

Roadside Church (Near Eureka)

On the Road (South of Manhattan on KS 177)

Douglas and Topeka