Arthur W. Hall

(1889-1981)     Hall was born in Texas but received his art training at the Chicago Art Institute where he met his future wife, Norma Bassett.  His education was cut short by World War I.  After his service he moved to El Dorado, Kansas, working as a court reporter.  He and Norma went abroad and ended up living in France for two years.  After returning to El Dorado they joined the Prairie Print Makers in 1930 as Charter Members. Hall was a master of etching and dry point but was also extremely gifted in drawing and watercolors.  In 1950 Arthur and Norma purchased Rancho del Rio, an adobe estate in New Mexico.  During the summer it was a vacation art school, providing them the means to pursue their own art the rest of the year.

Stonebridge in Winter

Cathedral Mountain - SOLD

Summer in the Hills

Untitled Home on a Hill

Oak Creek Canyon - Autumn


Ike Bell

Crab Wharf

Spanish Courier - SOLD

Edge of Antibes - SOLD

Ike Bell in Cap/Hat/Georgia Slave - SOLD

Field Hand

Untitled (Fall Tree Line)

Untitled (Windswept Trees) - SOLD

Untitled (Shrub on Rock)

Untitled (Road to Evergreen Valley)

Untitled (Old Barn Scene)

Untitled (Landscape) - SOLD

Untitled (Cottonwoods & Aspens)

Port Lavaca, Texas

Untitled (Sedona)


Corpus Christi

Custom House - Villefranche-Sur-Mer - SOLD

Westward Look - Desert Inn - SOLD

Untitled (stone house)

Untitled (willows)

Untitled (Treeline in Mountains)

Untitled (courtyard with donkeys & tree) - SOLD

Untitled (hillside town) - SOLD

Segovia Spain

Millwood Virginia

Los Lunas

Los Lunas

Untitled (Trees on Hill)

Untitled (trees)

Grand Canyon - SOLD

Granado-Arizona - SOLD


Cottonwoods on Big Tesuque

Cottonwood (double study)

Untitled (Trees) - SOLD

Untitled (Donkeys and Pueblos) - SOLD

11th Century Bridge - SOLD

Untitled (Italian Wine Boats) - SOLD

Untitled (doorway) - SOLD

Untitled (coastline with trees)

Carolina Farm - SOLD


Boat Houses - Antibes

El Guique

Vontra Farm Winter - SOLD

Untitled (Court of Vence) - SOLD

La Rue Obscure

Sospel, France

Newport Oregon Evening

Entrance at Rue du Mai - SOLD

St. Paul du Var France

Sunny Balconies