Picasso, Pablo. “The Dream and Lie of Franco”, etching and aquatint

A series of 2 sheets of prints, comprising 18 individual images, and an accompanying a prose poem by Pablo Picasso in his hand.    More photos available upon request.  The sheets each contain nine images arranged in a 3 x 3 grid.  The first 14 were printed in etching and aquatint and dated January 8, 1937.  The remaining four images were added the the second printing plate later as just etchings June 7, 1937. The prints were etched left to right on the plate so when printed actually read right to left chronologically.

“The Dream and Lie of Franco” is Picasso’s first overtly political work and a precursor to his seminal masterpiece “Guernica.”

Created in a “storyboard,” format, each individual image was intended to be sold separately as “postcards,” part of a fundraising effort on behalf of the Spanish Republic. There were 150 signed prints in one edition and a stamped edition of 850 prints. Ours are from the stamped edition.

From their original state, these prints have been cut to each image and as such pricing has been reduced to reflect a significant discount to market value.