Scott  Randol

Scott Randol is a sculptor from Kansas City, MO. Before he identified as a sculptor, Randol spent his working career in union jobs to support his family, but began exploring his artistic questions independently in sculpture classes and through internships with working artists.

His sculptures start conversations about nature, history, and the human ability to create art from any available tools. Today, Randol’s work has appeared throughout the area in galleries, Union Station, private residences, business lobbies and offices. Scott Randol lives in the KC area with his wife and experiments with new sculptural methods in his fire-proof garage.

Randol values imagination above representation, and the call back to hieroglyphs, fetishes, and figurines encourages the audience to consider our cultural similarities with the artists who created these primeval depictions.

His works combine imaginative play with anthropological interests, which find a common overlap in his 5,000 year old sculpture techniques—bronze casting in lost wax investment, plaster molds, and sand. Randol’s figures represent a human form, but deny the viewer concrete details that reveal any specific information.

Randol’s abstract sculptures are meant for interiors—pressed into a nook in a living room, or on display in a well-lighted hall.