Pam Bjork

Born mid-twentieth century in Wichita, Kansas, winds swirled her to far-away places. Bjork’s first venture away from home was UC Berkeley in 1968-69. Her journey includes 26 years as successful restaurateur in Colorado and Kansas with accolades for Business in the Arts Award and has journeyed to five continents, witness and participant to many cultural ceremonies.

“We yearn for an experience of the sacred in our day-to-day lives. And, yet it’s all around. The environment, the colors and art on our walls, the array of objects displayed. A pair of cloisonné lovebirds brought back from Singapore by my father for my mother in 1980. My grandmother’s quilt across the bed.

By following the threads of our favorite objects and listening to their stories, deeper meanings and connections are revealed. By immersing ourselves in the mythic threads of textiles and sacred objects from around the world, we come to the realization that as archetypal psychologist James Hillman says, ‘All things are full of Gods.'”