Michele Seeley

Michele Seeley is a Kansas-born pastelist whose agricultural heritage and married life on Flint Hills ranches have enabled her to observe the landscape and come to know it intimately.

“My works are visual meditations celebrating the grace I find in my everyday life. Always drawn first by light as it plays over form and pulls in color, I paint the emotional story of my reaction to my subject matter, be it a broad vista, intimate creek bed or the animals and people who share my world.”

Michele is a Signature member of the MidAmerica Pastel Society and holds memberships in the Pastel Society of New Mexico, the Red Rock and the Arizona Pastel Societies, as well as the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society. She continues to seek workshop opportunities with nationally known artists who will push her to expand her own artistic vision and skills. Since entering her first show in 2016, her work has been accepted into numerous regional and national shows, and hangs in private collections across the United States.