Leigh Leighton-Wallace


One of the original “Famous Dead Artists” of Wichita,  Leigh Leighton-Wallace now resides in Missouri where she continues to create art.

“I have felt an increasing need to find a way to express the beauty that I see around me every day.  I live in a beautiful rural area with hills and forests and lovely atmospheres and mists and visual moods.  I hadn’t been interested in landscape as subject matter before, perhaps it is maturity setting in.  Or, it might be that my acquisition of an enduro motorcycle has given me access to scenes that have been impacting me more than I realized.

Whatever the reason, I have finally decided to formally create landscape images as a body of serious work.  I am doing several things, including egg tempera paintings, linoleum cut print, collograph prints, monotypes and ceramic sculptures.  I am finding no end of inspiration.”

Putti Playing Tag with the Earth



School of Dreams

Portals of Liminal Spaces

Looking Through Windows at Patterns of Ruin

The Old House Up the Hill

Grandma's Old House


What Remains

The Broken Hearth

Looking Through the House on Cemetery Rd.

The Old Kleipzig Mill

Upstairs | SOLD

Darkness Within

The Edge of Darkness

Springtime at Yellow House Farm Along Flat Creek

Autumn at Home

Light's Breach

Storm's Edge


Pine Trees & Hay Bales

Color Study, Summer Fields

Color Study - Late Summer, Along the Tracks

Color Sketch, Early June

Untitled (Window and Doorway to Window)

Untitled (Path Through Tunnel to Mountain)

Untitled (House with Stairway into Doorway to Window)

Lillith In The Garden

Persephone In Spring

Leda and the Swan



Flying Monkeys From Kansas