Gift Prints - A Selection of the Prairie Print Makers

Gift or Presentation Prints

“The artist and the image for an annual gift print were selected by a committee, which usually consisted of the three officers.

‘Membership dues are payable May 1st of each year.  This enables us to select the artist to do the Gift Print during the summer months.  The prints are mailed to Associate Members in November.’   Arthur Hall, Secretary-Treasurer, 1944

‘The artist was paid $150.00, and the P.P.M. paid for the printing, and matting, and mailing’ James Swann, 1980

From 1931 through 1965, with the exception of 1963, the Prairie Print Makers commissioned an annual gift print for its members.  In all, thirty-four prints were commissioned, and of these, seven were created by charter members of the group.”

“The print was usually made during the summer, after annual dues were collected, and it was distributed in November with an illustrated biographical brochure. Printing (usually in an edition of 200) was done either by the artist, Western Lithograph in Wichita, George C. Miller in New York, Lynton Kistler in Los Angeles, or by member artists, James Swann and James D. Havens.”

[Note: dues for Active Members was $1.00 per year and $5.00 for Associate Members and each received a Gift Print.]

Excerpted from “The Prairie Print Makers” by Barbara Thompson and George C. Forman and from