Daum Crystal

Daum is a crystal studio based in Nancy, France, founded in 1878 by Jean Daum (1825–1885). His sons, Auguste Daum (1853–1909) and Antonin Daum (1864–1931), oversaw the studio’s growth during the burgeoning Art Nouveau period.

In 1906, Daum revived “pâte de verre” (glass paste), an ancient Egyptian method of glass casting. This is a technique in which crushed glass is packed into a refractory mould and then fused in a kiln.

Currently, Daum is the only commercial crystal manufacturer employing the “pâte de verre” process for art glass and crystal sculptures. Daum’s main manufacturing locations are in the downtown of Nancy, France and a nearby village called Vannes-le-Châtel. All the pieces are still handmade by hundreds of employees in the region.