Chris  Alveshere

“My pots are an investigation of items I find curious, feel sentimental towards, or objects I find humor in. This investigation could come from the object’s surface, form, or most often from intriguing proportion or scale. Inflated swells, large knobs, and enamel-like sheens from sanded surfaces and glazes create exaggerated, vibrant pieces.

My work is made in long, continuous runs of production, altering commonalities of the forms, while adapting parts, proportions, and attachments. Forms, parts, and clay and glaze colors are curated to be strong and inventive. I prefer to work through repetition, replication, and multiples.

I visualize pots in everyday objects and places, seeing the potential of form and color in everything from vintage wooden toys, a pile of Skittles, or wandering thrift stores. This inspiration has steered me into making pots for the countertop, and pots that allow for a vast range of function. The compact size of my work allows an intimacy between vessel and user, and stems from my eternal love for cups. A love for cups that has led me to make other forms that are meant to be held, experienced, and appreciated from all angles.

Foremost is an intention to make pots that have a sense of whimsy, humor, and color. Audacious, lively, and cheeky, pieces with attitude and intention; a task I tackle through working both symmetrically and asymmetrically. Juicers that peek at you from a shelf in the corner, or through a cracked dishwasher door. Cups that operate daily, are convenient to store, and worth displaying in the open. Jars to arrange and enhance the presentation of food preparation or novelty keepsakes. Small jars that suggest endless possibilities for peculiar use, from storing saffron, a single Twizzler, or your collection of found cat whiskers. Ceramic vessels need to serve their purpose and be visually compelling if they are taking up precious space.” – Chris Alveshere