Charles Melohs

Charles Melohs was born in Brooklyn, New York. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Brooklyn orphan asylum. It was, perhaps, this emotional deprivation that led to his seeking solace and expression in the art of painting. He received his first payment $100 for a painting when he was 13 years old. His imagination roamed free and his natural ability with a brush gave structural form to his mind’s eye. By a chance, his remarkable untutored development was brought to the attention of patrons of the orphanage who provide him with a full art scholarship to Pratt Institute.

Melohs has his own painting style. His excellent color choosing, fancy approach, and unlimited imaginations have built thousands of unique paintings. He has traveled many places including California; therefore, some of his paintings appeared to be California’s style, his travel experiences also provided him a plentiful theme. ​