ARCHIVAL By Channing Taylor

ARCHIVAL is a jewelry line based in Wichita, KS. Every piece is designed and constructed by Channing Taylor, a lifelong collector of tiny things and antique jewels.

CHANNING TAYLOR grew up in Kansas. She began selling her one of a kind jewelry while in high school and continued to design while she pursued an Anthropology degree at the University of Kansas. After studying the early foundations of self-adornment, she was motivated to follow her original passion and transferred to KU’s Fine Arts program to pursue a BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design. There she studied enameling, forming, stone setting, CAD/CAM design and lost-wax casting, the latter being her main focus in her final year; she graduated in 2012. Since then, she has returned to Wichita and sells her work at local shops, markets and online.

THE FOCUS is to create modern jewelry for the old soul. In fact, it’s also modern jewelry with an old soul, because each piece features a carefully curated selection of antique jewels, talismans, unusual objects, tokens, souvenirs, stones and tiny charms. These artifacts, from all different eras, countries and convictions, mingle with original ARCHIVAL designs and start an entirely new conversation.
Worlds collide! Their stars would have never crossed otherwise!

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