Anne  Burkholder

Anne Burkholder currently lives and works in Lincoln, NE. Shas been painting Nebraska landscapes for over 70 years.

Her inspiration comes from long family road trips across The Great Plains. As a native of the Sandhills, Anne loves to look at the never-ending horizon, admiring its beauty and anticipating the adventure that awaits her.

Burkholder’s landscapes are a reflection of her childhood memories, but also the moments that bring her the greatest peace – the way the clouds move across the sky in the afternoon, standing in open places, feeling the wind, smelling the soil, etc. Her work captures these moments, for herself, and for other who want to know, remember, and cherish the beauty of The Great

In 1987, Anne created The Burkholder Project β€” a 3-story gallery space that houses artists, their work, studios and a collection of stories for the city of Lincoln to enjoy. Since then, The Burkholder Project has become a staple in the Downtown Lincoln and Historic Haymarket District.