Artist Spotlight – Bob Burdette

with Josh Tripoli

Bob Burdette loves a good story.

Whether that story is about an artist painting, teaching, or walking the dog, each moment is a direct inspiration, all the way back to childhood. An active artist for decades, Bob’s signature style draws from vintage advertisements, books, graphic novels and movies, outrageous slogans and “guarantees” intact, using messaging as a kind of cautionary propaganda. His work helps us see the modern world with greater awareness:

“Understanding how images and ideas plant seeds in our minds and have the power to affect the way we think and act is a consistent theme that runs through all of my work. My paintings and sculptures are exaggerations of ideas that repeat themselves in the stories and characters that influence and shape all of our lives.”

Receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Memphis College of Art, Burdette is a former adjunct instructor at Wichita State University and continues to reinforce the importance of narrative, communication, and imagination through his mixed-media paintings and sculptures. His work is widely collected and exhibits regularly in galleries and institutions across the country.