The Mountains Are Calling Featured Show

Morning Retreat, by David Harms

2018|oil on canvas|mountains|12" x 16"|$1650

David was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and after a family move he graduated from Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. He went on to attend Colorado State University.  Since he’s a long time professional musician and actor, it only seemed natural to try his hand at painting too.  David has grown immensely as an artist by learning from other pros like Michael Lynch, George Strickland, John David Phillips and Jeff Legg.  He has no real philosophy about painting or his technical approach. He simply finds it thrilling and he gives his all to his art. “I simply love to paint and I’m devoted to improving with each piece. Chasing down the great artists, past and present, is a true passion. It never ends and I love it!”