WSU Printmakers

WSU Printmaking Portfolio after Picasso’s “Weeping Women.”

“ADCI’s print media program provides students with comprehensive education in lithography, etching, engraving, silk screen and more. Through the creation of original work, studio critique, class readings and discussion, students develop an interpretive and analytical approach to understanding their own work. Comic books, magazines, t-shirts, billboards, zines, signs, and posters along with the traditional paper-based media,all of these are taught in courses that focus on technical proficiency as well as experimentation for a multidisciplinary, contemporary practice.”

Femme de la Snoté


The Weeping Women

Weeping Woman - Kosovo

Weeping Woman à la Jacoby

Weeping Woman after Picasso

Weeping Woman

Tanya at the Cock Fight

Dora and the Cock