Trisha Coates

Trisha Coates’ ceramic work engages the idea that memory is more fluid and impermanent than we are lead to believe.  She assembles slip-cast, rendered, and dipped objects into porcelain paintings and vessels that explore the creative act of remembering.  Her work is often dense with imagery and material that emerges and dissolves within each other to create hidden trails of the common and unlikely, the real and imagined.  Using the language of delicacy and walking the line between ephemeral and permanent, her work begins to tangibly present the act of searching and the attempt to preserve.

Me and Ian, Christmas Morning

Nan's Rocking Chair


We Only Exist in Dreams

Weeping Willow

Bear Hill Road


Everything was Sunshine and Rainbows

First Moments

Gram's Orange Couch

Just Us Two

Little Green House in the Meadow