SALE ART A Gallery-Wide Fall Sale



Special prices on works throughout the gallery.

Sycamore | SOLD

Cinnamon Toast

Untitled A/P 8

Untitled (Landscape in Blue) | SOLD

Birthplace of Michelangelo, Caprese Michelangelo, Tuscany, Italy

Untitled (figure on platter with flowers)

Untitled (brown platter)

Black & Gray #2

Untitled Still Life (Peonies) - SALE


Untitled (Evening Homestead) - SOLD

Among the Mines - SOLD

Village in the Hills

Pasta Bowl

Oval Tray with Feet

Rice Bowl (Stripes)

Rice Bowl (Circles)

Nousho Child

Queen Ant (Basket)

12 x 18 For Johns

Threshing Run #7 | SOLD

Untitled (Trees)

San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery

Untitled (Partial Nude)

Taos Junction

Seaside Oregon

Sim Park

Still Street

Four Trees

Prairie Form IV

Evergreens | reduction woodblock