Patric Rowley

(American 1924-2016) Patric had a passion for art since he was a child.  He  taught at Wichita State University, Kansas State University, and at the School of Wichita Art Association.  His work was often minimalist with vibrant color and inspired by the Kansas landscape.  Patric’s work has been shown in galleries across the country, and he won several awards for his paintings.

Apparition #6

Untitled (Pink and Green Floral Still Life)

Untitled (White Moon with Pink and Green Trees)

Untitled (Purple / Pink Flowers in Blue)

Untitled (Flowers in Green) - SOLD


Untitled (Abstract Trees in Cool Tones)

In the Country - SOLD

Untitled (Back Road in Purple)

Untitled (Landscape in Blue)

Untitled (Black Moon Landscape - SOLD


Green Landscape

Untitled (Abstract with Red Sun) - SOLD

Untitled Landscape - SOLD

Untitled (Auction) - SOLD

Untitled (Windswept Tree)

Untitled (Trees in Winter)

Untitled (Vacation Tree) - SOLD

Untitled (Abstract Organics) - SOLD

White Hills - SOLD

Untitled Blue & Green Reeds

Untitled Blue & Grey Landscape - SOLD

White Patches

Untitled Nude

Floral Still Life in Green

Floral Still Life in Pink

Purple Landscape at Dusk

Landscape in Orange

Memories - SOLD