Leon Loughridge

Born and raised in New Mexico, Leon had an early introduction to art through his Grandmother’s dinner parties which included many local artists. For the most part, Loughridge’s subject matter are landscapes of the West and Southwest where he was born and raised. Although he works in pastel and watercolor, he is best known for his reduction woodblock prints with his signature method of layering colors to capture the beauty of his plein air excursions. Loughridge works from his studio, Dry Creek Art Press, located in Denver, Colorado.

"Old Cottonwoods

"Mum Still Life"

Marsh Marigolds

Diamond Spring

Desert Skies

Memories of the Diamond A

Barn Study

Rolling Road & Thunder (Book print)


Wet Mountain Hay

Butte Sunset

Above Bear Lake

Morning Reflections

Monument Valley

Meridian Veil

Winter's Hay

Summer Pasture

Summer Meadow

Bright and Early

Aspen Glow

Prairie Pines Barn

Meridian Peak



Stone Wall

Rolling Road & Thunder

Monument Tower

Gorge Sunrise

Gulls and Surf

Gilded Adobe at Trampas

Old San Miguel

Sonoran Sunset | SOLD


Cottonwood Wall

Morning Fields

Rolling Hills


San Ignacio