Larry Schwarm

Kansas photographer Larry Schwarm has shown extensively throughout the United States. He holds an MFA in design/photography from the University of Kansas.  Currently, he is a Professor of Art at Wichita State University. His book, ‘On Fire’, which is in its second printing,  photo documents controlled burning in his native Kansas, and captures the emotional essence of the flames that replenish our fragile ecosystem. His photographs are in many permanent and private collections.

Prairie fire near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas - 1997

Burning grass, Lyon County, Kansas; ed. 3/15

Fire, smoke and clouds, near Bazaar, Kansas; ed. 1/10

Burned pastures at dusk, Chase County, Kansas; ed. 1/15

Wheat stubble fire near Kansas Colorado border; ed. 7/15

Smoldering pasture at sunset, north of Emporia; ed. 3/15

Curved line of fire, Chase County, Kansas; ed. 2/15

Line of fire east of Peyton Creek, County, Kansas; ed. 13/15

CRP fire near Garden Plain, Kansas - February 2017

Burning sugar cane, Bayou Teach, Louisiana; ed. 3/15

Tom Otterness, Sculptor - 2020 (after Leonardo) | SOLD

Breathless, southern Edwards County, Kansas - 2008

Burned Pastures at Dusk, Chase County, Kansas - 1999

Snow Near Greensburg, Kansas - 1989 | SOLD