Clark Britton


Clark Britton & his art

Born in 1930 in Baltimore, Clark Britton graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 1952 and a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in 1954.  In 1957 Clark took a position as instructor and headed the Graphic Design Program at Wichita State University.  During his tenure at W.S.U. Clark served in various capacities for 15 years, retiring in 2000.  Since 1952 he exhibited in international, national and regional juried exhibitions.  He has worked as a designer, illustrator and film maker.  Clark continues to work and reside in Wichita.

Two Views of Home II (2)

Two Views of Home I (2)

Two Views of Farmhouse (2)

Exterior/Interior (2)

Self Portrait with Cat (purple)

Red Female Nude

Road in Flints Hills (blue)

Tales of Genji (castle)

Tales of Genji (horse)

Head with Three Birds


Longhorn to the Right

Watertower and Car

3 Buildings

Distant Farm

Fence, Windmill, and Barn

Hopper Homes (2)

Flint Hills Dawn (color)

Winter Bird (color)

4 Trees 2 Poles (red)

Driveway and House (purple)

Rolling Air

The Scholar

The Prince

Dystopian Theater

Puppeteer II

Organ Grinder

Street with Shadows

Puppet Master II

3 Balls for 5 Cents

Puppet Master

Puppet Master II

Untitled (Storm Rolling In, large)

Untitled (The Mystic with Mask)

Untitled (Red Dragon)

Untitled (Numbered Storefront)

Untitled (Cafe Couple)

Untitled (Self Portrait with Cat on Black Paper)