Clarence A. Hotvedt

(1900-1991)     Born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Clarence Hotvedt was both a painter and etcher.  After studying in Minnesota, Chicago, and New York, he moved to Wichita, Kansas, to work for Western Lithograph Co with C.A. Seward, where years later he became Art Director.  Hotvedt, in a chance meeting on the street with fellow student Edmund Kopietz, learned  that Seward had a job opening.   Clarence was also the first paid instructor at the School of the Wichita Art Association in 1924.  His work primarily focused on the Midwest and much later, historic buildings of Wichita. Although he worked in aquatint, lithograph, block printing, etching, oils and watercolors, Hotvedt was best known for his drypoint work.  Clarence belonged to the Prairie Print Makers (Charter Member);  Wichita Art Guild; California Printmakers; Allied Artists of Ft. Worth; Kansas Watercolor Society.

Cows in Southwestern Landscape

Tangled Willows

Woodland Path

Wilderness Path

Self Portrait, 1946

Self Portrait, 1970

Friendly Willows

The Mill Road

Wichita Art Museum, 1963-1975

Girl and Doll at Tea

Retired Rancher

Street in Old Mexico

Saint Anthony's Cathedral, Wichita

On the Road to Monterrey

Morning Shadows

Lonely Cottage

In The Park

Idle Boats

Davis Hall, Friends University

Forest Hills Creek

The Old Prospector

Wichita Consistory Building

Midsummer Sun

Bygone Splendor

The Old Homestead

Mission San Jose

Mill Road

Three Score and Ten

Wintry Day