Charles M Chili Capps An Estate Sale Event

A large collection of near mint condition Charles M ‘Chili’ Capps prints. 

A special offering with very special pricing.

Village in the Sun | SOLD

East of Santa Fe - SOLD

Santa Catarina


Beside the Mill

Ontario Farm | SOLD

Mission at Trampas

Cottonwood Davis Legacy

In the Flint Hills - SOLD

Sunlit Towers - SOLD


Two Gates - Monterey

Old Lucas Place (The)

Back Road - SOLD

To Sacred Falls

The Pool - Monterey


Sangre de Cristo | SOLD

Near Penasco

San Miguel

Napali Cliffs, Kauai

Mountain Cottonwoods | SOLD


Sierra Madre | SOLD

Mild Winter

Trees by the Trail - SOLD

Be it ever so humble - SOLD

The Barn

Trees at Questa

Moonlit Mills - SOLD

Still Street

Two Gates-Monterrey | Sold